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18:00-18:30 Reception

Stichting GAM

GAM Foundation was founded in 2002. The foundation is involved in theater and film and trying creative ways through information and education among the Ghanaian (and African) community in the Netherlands to promote. It does this through various media, namely film, television and theater but also through radio broadcasts, workshops and discussion meetings. One of the main activities of GAM is the popular weekly broadcast is shown on TV GAM Salto 2 to 21 o'clock to 22hrs.


Kente is the name for a substance that comes from Ghana. It is derived from the word 'know', which means basket. It is a typical substance, which (like baskets) is woven with many colors and patterns. It used to wearing it reserved for important, even royal persons. Today is the matter not just for kings. Kente has now become a sort of icon for the rich culture that Ghana has. For weddings and celebrations in the Ghanaian community in the Netherlands, are proud of the clothes worn Kente.


Kente Festival 2008/2016

Ghanaians live around the world. And in many countries Kente-annual festivals (New York, London, Wuerzburg, etc). In 2008/2009, the GAM Foundation launched in the Netherlands to organize a Kent Festival. The Ghanaian community in Amsterdam alone consists of about 10,000 people. GAM Foundation wanted this initiative attention to the rich tradition of Ghanaian costume knows. We also wanted Ghanaian young people born in the Netherlands introduce people to the weaving technique and a bit of Ghanaian tradition.

History of Kente is transferred to the festival and the entire traditional loom was shipped from Ghana to explain the technique. The festival lasted one days. It was such an organized fashion with the most amazing creations Kente. The fashion show was a prize, namely a cover of the fashion magazine "The Voice Magazine". The evening is framed by music, dance and theater. Ultimately, a crowned 2008/2009 Miss Kente. For the present Ghanaian visitors are tasty snacks and drinks. Attendees bought and paid admission-Kente clothes. In total, nearly 1,500 people in 2008 was nearly 3,000 in 2009 and attended the festival.


Kente Festival 2010

The idea for the festival of 2010 seems to know the festival of 2008/2009. The aim is to reflect on the rich culture and traditions that Ghana knows. This is good for both Ghanaians and Ghanaians in the Netherlands because Kente links with Ghanaians in the rest of the world, and for Dutch and other nationalities, who once introduced to an "other side" of Africa: the rich culture and traditions, instead war and famine. At the festival, people ample opportunity to admire Kente fabrics, to learn how they are made and questions to weavers, who seem especially from Ghana.