Diaspora Entertainment Award Winner 2014

On behalf of the voice magazine and the voice achievers committee, we have the honor to inform you that the award committee has proudly nominated and conferred on you,

Mrs. Veronica Van de Kamp of GAMTV as our outstanding "Diaspora Entertainment Award winner of 2014... ..Read more »

Kente Festival online links



The Kente festival was a project of Stichting GAM; a Ghana cultural foundation based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

We have over seven years of our existence use drama, social and cultural awareness to generate opinion, attention and contribution to the plights of less privileged persons in Ghana... Read more »

Veronica V.d. Kamp

She is a professional to the core. A lover of acting and probably having to interview her is so much fun as she acts on stage or on production as our Editor-in-Chief; Elvis Iruh

discovered during this chat with her after a performance in Amsterdam.

Veronica van de Kamp is the Executive producer of stichting GAM,...Read more »